RCMP Services

Health Plan Coverage for Chiropractic Services
The new RCMP policy currently in effect was published in November 2008. Dr. Eric Jackson, convener of the CCA-appointed national assessors, has been working to establish chiropractors as entrenched team members in the various regional health teams. The RCMP policy is:

  • Continuation of acute care of 25 treatments per calendar year without MD referral.
  • One maintenance treatment every 14 calendar days without MD referral.
  • RCMP acceptance of CCA treatment referral protocols and fees.
  • RCMP acceptance of CCA-appointed national evaluators with Dr. Eric Jackson as convener.
  • In exceptional cases, where it agreed that an RCMP member requires extensive care and is thus enrolled in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program, chiropractic care will be as required subject only to the review of the CCA-appointed chiropractic evaluator.
  • RCMP acceptance of a new concept of Health Service Officer and national CCA evaluator phone consultation, which will enhance contact between the organizations.
  • RCMP agreement to use the phone consultation process to decide if certain members might benefit from chiropractic care in those instances where it has not been tried. This will result in new patients and deeper inclusion of the chiropractic evaluator as part of the RCMP regional team.

How it Works
An RCMP officer seeking chiropractic care must provide the treating chiropractor with a form (2135), which is to be filled out by the chiropractor and sent to the health center servicing the patient’s division. The form should be provided to the chiropractor by the patient.



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