Prescription orthotics

Biomechanical Assessment of Gait


The human eye observes at a frequency of 7 images per second.

The Metascan™ pressure mat scans the stance phase of gait at 150 images per second.

  • Assess new patients for foot function
  • Captures dynamic function
  • Great communication to patient

70% of patients tested showed moderate to severe abnormalities when walking.

46.8% Moderate Abnormality
23.2% Severe Abnormality
22.7% Mild Abnormality
7.3% No Abnormality

Orthotics will control the position and motion of your foot. This may prevent the development of pain and disability, and the development of additional deformity. Orthotics will not change the underlying structure of the adult foot. If they are not worn, abnormal function will immediately return.

Foot orthotics corrects an abnormal, or irregular, walking pattern.  They perform functions that make standing, walking, and running more comfortable and efficient, by altering slightly the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface.  Foot orthotics are known to solve a number of biomechanically related problems, not only for obvious foot problems but also for ankle and knee pain, pelvis, hip, spinal pain and even headaches.

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Footmaxx Dynamic Gait and Pressure Analysis

Truly computerized weight bearing, dynamic gait analysis leading to a prescription foot orthotic is finally here!

Footmaxx semi-rigid prescription foot orthotics has revolutionized the way both clinicians and patients evaluate foot orthotics. The entire gait and pressure test takes only minutes, and offers the most consistent and accurate modality for manufacturing custom orthotics.

The Footmaxx System offers the only means by which to assess a patient’s gait and fabricate a custom orthotic device using computerized, dynamic, weight-bearing data instead of a static, non-weight bearing mold of the shape of the foot. This weight-bearing data is critical to making truly efficacious orthotics because it captures how the foot functions while bearing weight.

When digitized patient scan data is received at the Footmaxx manufacturing facility, a detailed Gait Analysis and Pressure Report containing diagnostic information is generated. This report becomes part of the permanent patient file as well as supporting documentation for government and insurance claims.

In less than two years, Footmaxx has become the largest supplier of orthotics in Canada and are proud to say that 29 of 30 Major League Baseball teams and 13 National Football League teams wear our product.

Our Metascan dynamic software scans the foot 150 times per second tracking 8 key points along the plantar surface of the foot. Our dynamic display captures bilateral plantar pressure during the stance phase of gait. Gait observations show each of the 8 key points relative to pressure and time in a color corresponding to the 2D and 3D composite image and displays gait analysis data. The Full Normal Graph compares the patient’s 8-point graph to a normal graph of the stance phase of gait. The Metascan diagnostics translates the digital information along with the clinician information into a prescription for custom orthotics.


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