Cold Laser Therapy did this!
“I just had to write this note about the amazing experience I had with Dr. Sean Maxwell and his med X laser treatment that he did on the rashes on my legs.
I have had the one rash on my left angle for over 2 years and on the right leg for over a year. It was very painful, red and burned to the bone (I hated for people to see it) I had gone to 3 Dermatologists over the 2 years and tried 5 different creams with no success and then the conclusion was that I would have to live with it. One of the Medical Doctors had suggested I stop eating wheat, soya, oats and few other things which I tried and it helped a little with the itching but it did not make it go away. I was very, very frustrated and decided to try Dr. S. Maxwell at my mothers suggestion (though I did not think it would work). Well after one month the burning was almost gone and the itching was much better – after 3 months it was all gone -the rash, the ugly scares and the burning. I still cannot believe it worked but it did and I am so grateful that I went to see him. I still have to stay away from Wheat and Soya but together with a one month laser treatment – you cannot tell that I ever had any skin problems.
Thank you Dr. Sean Maxwell!
She###yn E##n

Shingles Ulcer healed by Cold Laser!

I went  to see Dr Maxwell hesitantly this past year with a shingles ulcer that i have had on my foot for a year.  My daughter had a bout of shingles on her back and saw Dr Maxwell for it, she said the cold laser helped eliminate the rash and pain immediately.  I figured my MD and the specialist were not going to help me, thus thought “what the heck” and tried the treatment.  He set out a course of treatment and we began the pain free therapy on my ulcer.  Within a few treatments the ulcer was shrinking and the sensory was returning.  Today I have no ulcer, have full feeling in my foot and can wear my shoes again!  I would not have figured my chiropractor could have helped the ulcer, but with the laser he did.

thank you Dr Sean Maxwell!

G#*y A##t#s

It literally happened overnight.

I woke up one morning last October with acute Achilles tendonitis.. The pain was debilitating. I couldn’t run, skip, jump and even walking most days was challenging. This was extremely frustrating given the fact I live a very active lifestyle. I know my body and when it’s giving me grief I don’t hesitate to seek treatment. I tried prolotherapy and weeks of IMS which did help somewhat but were nowhere near as effective as Shockwave Therapy. Within 3 treatments, Dr Maxwell was able to relieve 70% of the pain and after 5 treatments I was back to regular activity. I still have a little work to do with regards to getting back to 100% but I’m doubtful this wouldn’t have been possible without Dr. Maxwell and the use of Shockwave Therapy to treat my Achilles tendonitis.

J&s*n N#$l
Director of CrossFit
Studeo55, Vancouver BC




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